Talent recruitment

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Sales Engineer/Manager


Minimum Education:


Number of recruits:


Experience Requirements:

1-3 years

Work Area:


Job Responsibilities:

1. Under the leadership and supervision of the superior, complete the quantified work requirements regularly, and be able to handle and solve the responsible tasks independently;

2. Managed customer relationships and achieved regional or industry sales targets;

3. Understand competitors' products and introduce the advantages and characteristics of their own products;

4. Provide professional consultation to customers;

5. Mastered the market dynamics, explored new customers, expanded new channels and collected information of potential customers;

6. Responsible for contract signing and receivables.

Job Requirements:

1. Technical secondary school or above; More than one year of equipment or instrument sales experience or electromechanical industry education is preferred;

2. Have sales experience can be, also can be fresh graduates;

3. Outgoing, quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication ability and communication skills, with affinity;

4. Have certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness;

5. Responsible, able to work under great pressure;

6. Have teamwork spirit and dare to challenge;

7. Adapt to short and long-term business trips and visit customers regularly.

Welfare Benefits:

1. Once hired, sign a formal contract and pay five insurances;

2. Perfect attendance award, high temperature subsidy, birthday cake, monthly sales performance commission, extra sales performance award;

3. Paid annual leave.