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Topaz Industry has formed individually tailored solutions for different sectors and industries, such as nano materials, Inkjet, ceramic ink, color slurry, new energy material, battery material, catalyst, electronic material, ceramic, ferrite, food(chocolate), function material, printing ink, mineral, paint, paper, agricultural chemicals, medicine, cosmetics, pigment, dye, and so on. Welcome users to inquire and discuss.


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Mineral is a natural elemental substance or compound formed by geological processes, they have relative fixed chemical composition, and are stable in a certain range of physical and chemical conditions, so they are the basic units to compose rocks and minerals.
      It is quite complex to process natural mineral, such as sieve, blend, crushing and grinding, etc.
      Now the mainly involved minerals in grinding industry are titanium dioxide powder, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, and kaolin, etc.

Recommended machine models:Laboratory Machine  Horizontal Disc Mill (HDM)   Vertical Basket Mill (VBM)  High-speed Disperser