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With open and harmonious attitude, Topaz has drawn the attention from many famous manufacturers, as well as well-known colleges and technical partners both at home and abroad. In order to ensure the products of high quality, efficiency and stability, the core grinding parts, special materials and double-end mechanical seal are all imported from foreign well-known manufacturers, at the same time, we get the full support from international core suppliers, such as ABB, Siemens, Bredel, Ingersoll-Rand and SKF. Topaz can provide you with from a smallest laboratory machine to a complete set of production line design.


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Laboratory Machines

From lab to mass production Laboratory Grinding Mill, Laboratory Series The aim of scaling up from lab to mass production On the premise of the same quality, to transform the laboratory result into production, to scale up based on known data, to produce a certain amount of new products and to estimate the production costs: Investment costs


laboratory mill lab mill laboratory machine lab machine small mill nano grinding wet grinding little mill nano coating nano material fine disperse super fine

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Model HNM03 HNM05
Cylinder volume L 0.3 0.5
Batch size L 0.25-1 3-10
Speed rpm 200-3000 600-3200
Efficientcy kg/h 3-10 5-50
Motor Powder kw 0.75 4-5.5
Length mm 380 510
Width mm 190 240
Height mm 450 1000
Weight kg 75 210


Model HDM1
Cylinder volume L 1.2
Batch size L 3-50
Speed rpm 600-3000
Efficientcy kg/h 5-30
Motor Powder kw 4-5.5
Length mm 510
Width mm 240
Height mm 1000
Weight kg 200


Model HSD1
Batch size L 2-12
Speed rpm 300-5000
Motor Powder kw 1.1
work distance mm 320
Length mm 1050
Width mm 700
Height mm 1000
Weight kg 190



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