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Topaz Industry has formed individually tailored solutions for different sectors and industries, such as nano materials, Inkjet, ceramic ink, color slurry, new energy material, battery material, catalyst, electronic material, ceramic, ferrite, food(chocolate), function material, printing ink, mineral, paint, paper, agricultural chemicals, medicine, cosmetics, pigment, dye, and so on. Welcome users to inquire and discuss.


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Agrochemical is a general term for the farm medicals to protect and promote plants and crops growth by killing pests, bacteria and weeds, especially the medicaments used in agriculture to control insects and diseases, to regulate plant growth and to weed, etc.

Most farm medicals are liquid or solid form, a few are gas. According to the different pests, diseases and the physical nature of the medical itself, it has different usages, such as powder spreading, solution spray and steam or gas fumigation.

For the different production methods of agricultural chemicals, Topaz dispersing and grinding equipments can provide you with the best process and technology.


Recommended machine models:Laboratory Machine Horizontal Disc Mill (HDM)High-speed Disperser