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Topaz Industry has formed individually tailored solutions for different sectors and industries, such as nano materials, Inkjet, ceramic ink, color slurry, new energy material, battery material, catalyst, electronic material, ceramic, ferrite, food(chocolate), function material, printing ink, mineral, paint, paper, agricultural chemicals, medicine, cosmetics, pigment, dye, and so on. Welcome users to inquire and discuss.

Inkjet Ink

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Inkjet Ink

Inkjet refers to a contactless printing mode. Ink is sprayed onto the surface of printing substrate through small droplets forms, then the ink volatilizes by piezoelectricity or heating. Whether home or small office, or even large format printer, it is a trend to use aqueous and solvent pigment-based or UV pigment - based ink. In order to ensure high color brightness and printing details, organic and inorganic pigment inkjet ink has already been in the Nano range. If the particles of inkjet ink are too big, the nozzle of printers or inkjet equipments will be plugged, and the injury of nozzle will be inevitable. Topaz’s Horizontal Nano Machine (HNM) can be widely used in inkjet ink production, at the same time, Topaz also has the HNM designed with the materials of zirconia or polyurethane, which can be used in processing the stable metal contamination - free pigment dispersions. Our lab equipments HNM03 and HNM05 are available for lab research and application of minimum batch.

Recommended machine models: Laboratory Machine Horizontal Disc Mill (HDM)