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With open and harmonious attitude, Topaz has drawn the attention from many famous manufacturers, as well as well-known colleges and technical partners both at home and abroad. In order to ensure the products of high quality, efficiency and stability, the core grinding parts, special materials and double-end mechanical seal are all imported from foreign well-known manufacturers, at the same time, we get the full support from international core suppliers, such as ABB, Siemens, Bredel, Ingersoll-Rand and SKF. Topaz can provide you with from a smallest laboratory machine to a complete set of production line design.


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Zirconia Beads

Product Features: ■ Glossy satin smooth surface and fine grinding, shining like pearls. ■ Excellent tenacity, impact-resistance, these advantage makes the bead keep fine in high rotating speed; low friction coefficient makes the lower abrasion to the equipment. ■ Referring to the notable high density, YTZ grinding beads conveniently are run in high speed, and applied to grind high solid content product, which leaded to achieve higher rate of production. Most important of all, YTZ does not contaminate any ingredients or cause any change in formulation color shade


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■ Composition: ZrO2 94.6%,Y2O3 and others 5.2±0.2%

■ Density:> 6.0g/cm3

■ Packing density: 3.6~3.8g/cm3

■ Hardness on Moh's scale: 9,

■ Hardness: HV>=1200

■ Fracture toughness: 8.0Mpa.m1/2

■ Crushing load: 150kgf (2mm)


Technical Date:

Type Size(mm)
YTZBeads-0.1 Φ 0.08-0.15 mm
YTZBeads-0.2 Φ 0.20-0.30 mm
YTZBeads-0.3 Φ 0.30-0.40 mm
YTZBeads-0.4 Φ 0.40-0.50 mm
YTZBeads-0.5 Φ 0.50-0.60 mm
YTZBeads-0.6 Φ 0.60-0.80 mm
YTZBeads-0.8 Φ 0.80-1.00 mm
YTZBeads-1.0 Φ 1.00-1.20 mm
YTZBeads-1.2 Φ 1.20-1.40 mm
YTZBeads-1.4 Φ 1.40-1.60 mm
YTZBeads-1.6 Φ 1.60-2.00 mm
YTZBeads-2.0 Φ 2.00-2.20 mm

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