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New Energy Materials

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New Energy Materials

New energy materials are the new technology concepts to save and utilize the non-renewable resources raised after the launch of environmental protection concept. New energy materials refer to some of the newly developed or under development materials with great performance, which has more excellent performance than traditional materials.
      New energy materials mainly include solar cell materials, hydrogen storage materials and solid oxide cell materials, etc. Among which study on solid oxide cell materials is very active, the key factor is the cathode materials, and there are many types of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries, such as lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, nickel - cobalt - manganese ternary material, lithium iron phosphate and so on. Among the existing cathode materials, lithium cobalt oxide is the most industrialized, most mature and most productive, it is mainly used in small batteries of mobile phones and digital products. But the raw materials of cobalt and nickel metal have a high price, heavy pollution and even the risk of fire or explosion after the battery is enlarged. Therefore, relatively speaking, the lithium-ion battery with lithium manganese oxide, ternary material or lithium iron phosphate as the cathode materials has the better security and lower cost, and now the industry input mainly focuses on these types of materials. Compared to the other two materials, the lithium iron phosphate has the potential advantages of cycle life and material costs, so it has a bullish forecast and represents the development direction of power battery cathode materials in the future.
     For lithium iron phosphate, the early solid oxide reaction and particle size distribution are essential to the battery capability. Topaz grinding machine can make the solid mixtures react adequately, and achieve perfect particle size distribution.

Recommended machine models:  Horizontal Nano Mill (HNM)    Vertical Basket Mill (VBM)  High-speed Disperser