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With open and harmonious attitude, Topaz has drawn the attention from many famous manufacturers, as well as well-known colleges and technical partners both at home and abroad. In order to ensure the products of high quality, efficiency and stability, the core grinding parts, special materials and double-end mechanical seal are all imported from foreign well-known manufacturers, at the same time, we get the full support from international core suppliers, such as ABB, Siemens, Bredel, Ingersoll-Rand and SKF. Topaz can provide you with from a smallest laboratory machine to a complete set of production line design.


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High-speed Disperser

High-speed Disperser Advantages of Double Suction Disc ■extremely high suction power ■fast solids suction ■fast suction of very light solids (e.g. Aerosil) ■reduction of dust formation ■no unnecessary product heating ■production of high-viscosity concentrates


High-speed disperser dissolver disperse dispersing machine mixing stirrer double disc Laboratory Dissolver

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The Topoz disperser has a mechanically driven high speed shaft with push button speed control. The high speed turbine can be positioned at any depth within the dispersion. The shaft is driven via a V-belt system. Furthermore, the head of the disperser can be turned 360º on the stand and one machine can work in at most 3 vessels as design, which will save more space and time for you.



Model L Batch size HSD8 HSD18 HSD37 HSD75
Motor Powder kw 7.5 18.5 37 75
Speed rpm 50-1500 50-1500 50-1500 50-960
Diameter mm 250 330 400 560
Travel mm 850 1100 1270 1630
Length mm 1270 1500 2000 2840
Width mm 550 750 950 1450
Height mm 1400 1975 2415 3270
Weight kg 540 1080 1500 4000



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