Talent recruitment

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Finishing Engineer


Minimum Education:

Secondary school/technical school

Number of recruits:


Experience Requirements:

3 to 5 years

Work Area:


Job Responsibilities:

1. Mainly engaged in precision parts processing, non-batch, customized according to drawings;

2. According to the drawings, operate lathes, milling machines, drilling machines and grinding machines to complete the corresponding processing tasks.

3. Proficient in lathe/grinding/milling/drilling machine equipment; Operate the machine independently, debug, etc.

4, to be able to directly start the operation of skilled workers; Daily maintenance of equipment;

5. Familiar with the processing of stainless steel parts, familiar with the processing technology of stainless steel parts, independently develop the processing procedure

6. Ability to coordinate with suppliers to assist outsourcing processing

Job Requirements:

1. Technical secondary school or above; More than 5 years working experience in machine tool, more than 2 years working experience in finishing shop is preferred

2. Have certain parts analysis and judgment ability, good management awareness;

3. Hard-working, no bad habits, good team spirit and communication skills;

4. Responsible and able to work under pressure;

Welfare Benefits:

1. High base salary

2. Performance awards

3. Equity incentive