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2022 China Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition

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The 19th China (Qingdao) Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition in 2022

2022 China Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition

The 19th China (Qingdao) Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition in 2022

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Time: 2022/5/26--2022/5/28

Exhibition Hall: Qingdao Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center

Industry: Food machinery

The exhibition cities: | Qingdao in shandong

Exhibition Overview:

This exhibition will unite China National Food Industry Association (CFIA) and local associations. It is a grand event of food processing industry in China that integrates various links of the whole industrial chain of food ingredients, food processing, packaging and other industries, and integrates multiple interconnections and mutual cooperation. It includes packaging machinery, food processing, liquid processing and packaging, weighing and measuring equipment, packaging materials and containers. Industrial robots, warehousing logistics and quality testing equipment, we will provide food, beverage, dairy, wine and other industries with rich choices and one-stop processing and packaging solutions. As a brand event in the region north of the Yangtze River, the 2022 Expo will reach a total scale of 100,000 square meters and is expected to attract more than 100,000 buyers from home and abroad. High-quality visitors will bring numerous business opportunities and cooperation opportunities for exhibitors.

Exhibition Scope:
1. Food processing machinery: Meat processing machinery, slaughter machinery, condiment machinery, snack food machinery, canning machinery, beverage machinery, fruit and vegetable machinery, dairy machinery, brewing equipment, cold beverage equipment, convenience food equipment, pastry equipment, candy machinery, cooking equipment, peanut machinery, rice and noodle machinery, soybean products machinery, agricultural product processing equipment, additive processing machinery, Oil deep processing equipment, etc.;

2. Processing equipment: sorting and cleaning machinery, grinding and sorting machinery, mixing machinery, homogenization machine, concentration equipment, drying equipment, purification equipment, sterilization equipment, disinfection machinery, frying machinery, baking machinery, testing equipment, refrigeration and preservation equipment, etc.

3. Food packaging machinery: packaging machinery, vacuum packaging machine, automatic particle/powder packaging machine, liquid filling machine, paste packaging machinery, paste filling machinery, automatic packaging machine, molding -- filling -- sealing machinery, wrapping machinery, bubble wrap packaging machine, strapping packaging machinery, composite soft packaging machinery, container manufacturing and molding equipment, packaging, intelligent factory, etc.

4. Auxiliary production equipment: packaging machinery counting, classification, packing, packing, bottling, sealing, capping, weighing, packaging, labeling, marking, coding, conveying equipment, etc.

5. Packaging materials and products: mold equipment, film, aluminum foil, foam plastic film, tape, adhesive, packing belt, wood products, various packaging composite materials, environmental protection tableware, pulp film plastic, etc.

6. Food management and service system: food testing equipment, food engineering design, experimental equipment, clean technology, water treatment equipment, data management, network media, etc.

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