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China International Industrial Assembly and Automation Technology Exhibition

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2022 China (Wuhan) International Industrial Assembly and Automation Technology Exhibition

China International Industrial Assembly and Automation Technology Exhibition

2022 China (Wuhan) International Industrial Assembly and Automation Technology Exhibition

Topaz industry, fine creation

Time: 2022/10/20--2022/10/22

Exhibition Hall: China Optics Valley Science and Technology Exhibition Center

Industry: Automation

The exhibition cities: | hubei wuhan

Exhibition Overview:

The China (Wuhan) International Industrial Assembly & Automation Technology Exhibition (Assembly & Automation), organized by Watson Exhibition and Industry Association, will be held at China Optics Valley Technology Convention and Exhibition Center (Wuhan) from October 20 to 22, 2022. Under the background of industry 4.0, China is moving towards "Made in China 2025". The automobile, electronics, aviation, household appliances, aviation, medical and other industries in central and western regions with Wuhan as the center have strong demand for production and assembly automation technology, which provides a broad market space for the majority of enterprises. With the theme of "Make Manufacturing Smarter", the exhibition covers industrial automation and process automation, assembly equipment, industrial robots, electrical systems, transmission equipment, connectors, electronic parts and auxiliary equipment and other products, directly serving the industrial automation and industrial robot industry, to the end of the whole industrial automation industry chain, As the industrial automation solutions and assembly technology exhibition in central and western regions, Wuhan, the manufacturing center of Central China, will be gathered together to build a new world of industrial technology.

Exhibition Scope:

1. Assembly technology: assembly system and equipment, assembly tools (electric tools, pneumatic tools, hand tools, tool accessories, etc.)

2. Automation technology: industrial automation system, motion and control system, positioner/controller, servo motor, servo driver, frequency converter, process instrumentation and analytical instruments, sensors, connectors, industrial network, fieldbus, pneumatic components, transmission equipment, safety equipment/screen, etc

3. Robot technology: welding robot, assembly robot, spraying robot, coordinate robot, handling robot, multi-degree of freedom robot, parallel robot, truss manipulator, power manipulator, etc

4. Drive and transmission: rotary indexing table, guiding equipment and components, bearings, gears, chains, conveyor belts, slideways, coordinate worktables, linear motors, reducers, motors, air compressors, quick joints, pneumatic hydraulic equipment and components, etc

5. Transmission logistics: material transmission system and equipment, component transmission system and equipment, handling equipment, vacuum handling equipment, lifting equipment, sorting equipment, automatic navigation vehicle, transmission technology, conveyor belt/transmission rod, clamping tools, automatic packaging equipment, etc

6. Connection technology: tightening equipment, welding, welding table, riveting, stamping, gluing and other equipment, fastener parts, aluminum profiles, profile accessories, splitting technology, etc

7. Split technology: split equipment, automatic split machine, split robot, split management, etc

8. Sorting technology: sorting tools/instruments, automatic sorting machines, sorting robots, sorting management, etc

9. Processing technology: conveyor, conveyor belt, workpiece handling device, loading and unloading device, positioning device, pneumatic/vacuum/mechanical/electric clamp, filling equipment, distribution device

10. Monitoring technology: machine vision systems, automatic identification devices, electronic monitoring systems and equipment, software, pneumatic monitoring equipment, programmable controllers, sensors, switches, etc.;

11. Micro technology and equipment: micro motor, micro positioning, micro clamping, micro assembly.

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