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2022 China (Hangzhou) Plastic Machinery Exhibition

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Exhibition Hall: Hangzhou International Expo Center Industry: Mold The exhibition cities: | hangzhou in zhejiang province

2022 China (Hangzhou) Plastic Machinery Exhibition

2022 China (Hangzhou) Plastic Machinery Exhibition

Topaz industry, fine creation

Time: 2022/03/30--2022/04/01

Exhibition Hall: Hangzhou International Expo Center

Industry: Mold

The exhibition cities: | hangzhou in zhejiang province

Exhibition Overview:
The 21st Hangzhou Plastic Machinery Exhibition is one of the main activities of China Hangzhou Manufacturing Expo. Founded in 2002, it has been successfully held for 20 times, with a total of more than 135 countries and regions, more than 5,800 enterprises participating in the exhibition and more than 930,000 visitors. The exhibition has four special pavilions and areas: Plastic Machinery Exhibition Hall, Machine tool and metal processing Exhibition Hall, Industrial automation Exhibition hall, robot intelligent factory exhibition hall. Relying on the strong resources of the Yangtze River Delta manufacturing industry to serve the whole country, focusing on the exhibition of industrial machinery design, technology, service and other concepts. Previous expos have been supported by Hangzhou City, China Machinery Industry Federation, Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Hangzhou Economic Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology, IBM China Research Institute, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and industry associations. The 2022 Expo will build on the success of previous expos and further implement the transformation and exchange results. To provide technical support for the implementation of the strategy of building a manufacturing base, so as to build an international exchange platform between China and the international community in the field of industrial policy theory, science and technology, industrial application, and strive to get more support and response from all sectors.

Exhibition Scope:

◆ Plastic machinery
Injection molding machine, extruder, blow molding machine, pelletizing machine, film blowing machine, calendering machine, mixing machine, hot forming machine, bottle blowing machine, blister machine, rolling molding machine, foaming machine, pipe production line, sheet production line, profile production line, sheet production line, degradable plastic production line, foaming equipment, rubber and plastic instruments drawing machine, second-hand plastic machinery, other plastic machinery, etc
Plastic auxiliary machinery
Shredder, shredder, crusher, feeding equipment, dehumidification and drying equipment, plastic grinding machine, plastic welding machine, industrial chiller, die temperature machine, thermal sealing machine, hot stamping machine, manipulator, intelligent robot, other plastic machinery auxiliary machine, etc
Plastic packaging machinery
Bag making machine, sealing machine, packaging machine, plastic printing machinery, blister packaging machine, etc
◆ Plastic machine accessories
Mechanical accessories, electrical accessories, hydraulic system accessories, screw barrel, etc

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Topaz industry, fine creation.