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The development trend of the grinding mill in the future

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The development trend of the grinding mill in the future

Today, here is a brief introduction of some relevant information about the development trend of the sand mill. I hope it can help you to use it in the future purchase. Please follow the small editor to understand the following content introduction!

1. Working principle of the sander: the main motor drives the dispersion shaft to rotate at high speed through the triangle belt, and the dispersion disc on the dispersion shaft drives the movement of the grinding medium, which generates friction and shear force to make the material grind and disperse. The equipment adopts the mechanical seal imported from Germany to make it fully sealed, to completely solve the problem of sanding confidential sealing liquid contaminating materials. The sealed production process does not volatilize the solvent loss, which reduces the pollution to the environment. On the other hand, it also prevents the air from entering the cylinder and avoids the dry consolidation skin that may be formed in the production of materials. New development trend of abrasive mill: Progress of grinding medium separation system With the continuous improvement of product fineness requirements, the size of the grinding medium used is getting smaller and smaller.

2. The separation of small size grinding medium is one of the difficult problems in the development of sand mill. Traditional sander used gap ring (small flow area) and static screen is difficult to separate small size medium separation! So more and more dynamic centrifugal separation systems are used. The centrifugal force generated by the separation rotor drives the medium to rotate makes the medium thrown to the outside of the rotor around, and the center of the rotor is mainly slurry, and the separation screen is arranged in the center of the rotor, the material will be able to flow smoothly through the screen gap, without blockage and wear. Therefore, the principle of dry air classification used in the sand mill medium separation is a technical leap in the development history of the sand mill!

3. Several major sand mill manufacturers at home and abroad believe that to improve product fineness (reduce particle size), it is necessary to improve the energy density of the sand mill! As a result, there are many pin rod type sanding machines with complex structure. The DCP structure -1 of the sanding machine has a lot of hard alloy pin rods densely arranged on the rotor and stator. The materials enter from the upper part and exit from the bottom of the crooked/N-shaped buildings. Dielectric wear of the pin rod, rotor and stator is serious, and the material is often contaminated by metal. And only the expensive zirconia grinding medium can be used.

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