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In order to service users better and to improve the application level of our users to acknowledge the machine of TOPAZ, We provide free grinding technology consulting, free professional training for the company's various products in Topaz laboratory center in Shanghai. Hereby, we warmly welcome our users to make an appointment to attend and visit our laboratory.

Development history of grinding mill

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Development history of grinding mill

      Stage1: vertical mixing mill (bottom screen separator + pin grinding components)
      Stage 2: vertical disc mill (disc + top screen separator)
      Stage 3: Vertical pin mill (bar type + top gap separator)
      Stage 4: Horizontal disc mill (disc + dynamic rotor centrifugal separator)
      Stage 5: Horizontal pin grinding mill (pin type + large filter separator)
      The grinding principle, fineness and application field of the ball mill are different from that of the ginding mill. After all, vertical mill has independent energy input without the help of earth gravity. It can be considered as a technical revolution of grinding equipment. The speed gradient along the radial line of the tip speed varies greatly in stirring mill due to the low speed medium size. The grinding efficiency of stirring mill is low and the particle size distribution is wide. Therefore, the stirring mill is gradually extruded from the market by the horizontal grinding mill, and is only used for hard alloy, ferrite grinding or pre-grinding.