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In order to service users better and to improve the application level of our users to acknowledge the machine of TOPAZ, We provide free grinding technology consulting, free professional training for the company's various products in Topaz laboratory center in Shanghai. Hereby, we warmly welcome our users to make an appointment to attend and visit our laboratory.

High-speed disperser perfect play in various fields

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High-speed disperser perfect play in various fields

High-speed disperser is mainly used for medium viscosity materials. Reliability, economy and versatility are the important reasons why high-speed disperser is favored by customers. As the market demands more and more products, customers also put forward higher requirements for equipment, and the traditional high-speed disperser can‘t meet the needs of high-performance products. Based on the traditional high-speed disperser, we developed a high-speed disperser which can be operated in vacuum. It is the suitable equipment in the market at present, it has the characteristics of vacuum operation, and can move up and down in the vacuum state, coupled with vacuum operation wall scraper, can make the material in a short time to achieve excellent stirring effect. This model is especially suitable for high viscosity products, such as pigments.

Different application processes have different selection of high-speed disperser configuration combined with dispersing requirements. Topaz has been involved in the fields of paint disperser, paint disperser, ink disperser, dye disperser, color paste disperser, pigment disperser, nanomaterial disperser, suspension agent disperser, latex paint disperser, pesticide disperser, adhesive disperser and high viscosity material disperser for many years. The in-depth understanding of each process is helpful for Topaz to develop reasonable configuration of high speed dispersing machine for users, which can fully meet the dispersing requirements of different users.

In order to further improve production efficiency, customers often need continuous production without stopping the machine. For this purpose, TOPAZ has designed a high-speed disperser and a vacuum disperser that can rotate 180° to adapt to different positions. TOPAZ high speed dispersion adopts modular manufacturing, has a variety of models configuration to choose from, suitable for a large number of production and processing, can ensure high efficiency and flexibility.