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Operation and maintenance of the sander

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Operation and maintenance of the sander

First, test run

1. Do the preparatory work before the sander plant test run.

2. Check whether the components are securely installed.

3. The rotation direction of each machine should run in the direction indicated by the arrow (should point the direction of dynamic test) 4 Check whether the cooling water is smooth.

5. The triangle belt is properly adjusted to start again. After working for 50 hours, adjust it again.

6. Add the grinding medium from the top of the cylinder.

7. Start the feed pump first, and start the main engine only after the input material is discharged from the top screen.

8. After a long time of stop, when starting again, often due to the solid particles and grinding medium in the material settlement and "stuck" tight disperser, especially viscous materials at low temperature, braking phenomenon is particularly serious. At this time, when the motor cannot start, it should be supplemented by the "turning wheel" of the spindle belt pulley by hand to input a small amount of solvent that has the ability to dissolve the material, so that the material can be dissolved and loosened before starting. In short, do not start forcibly to avoid damage to electrical appliances and the body.

9. Stop for a long time, should clean the screen of the dry material.

10. Cleaning disperser, can only slightly, intermittent rotation, because the disperser and grinding medium in the cleaning fluid fast operation is easy to wear and break.

11. When using the new grinding medium, it should be screened to remove impurities, fragments and other foreign bodies.

Two, failure

1. Feeding pump does not start or stop in operation:

A Whether the power supply is connected; B Whether the safety wire is fused.

2. The main engine cannot start or stop in operation:

A whether the safety wire is fused; B Whether the feeding pump is feeding

Whether the C triangle is too loose; D Whether the diffuser is stuck.

3. Excessive motor load:

A whether the material viscosity is too high; B Whether the amount of grinding medium is too much

C Whether the electrical circuit is normal.

4. Feed pump does not feed:

A whether the pipeline leaks; B Whether the feed pipe is blocked

C whether the feed pump is seriously worn; D whether the material viscosity is too high.

5. Decreased production efficiency:

A whether the grinding medium is too small; B Whether the diffuser has been worn excessively

C Whether the grinding medium is broken in large quantities.