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General situation and structural form of nano grinding mill

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General situation and structural form of nano grinding mill


Nano sand mill uses the material pump to input the solid-liquid mixture material which has been pre-dispersed and moistened by the mixer into the cylinder. The material and the grinding medium in the cylinder are stirred together by the high speed rotating disperser, so that the solid particles in the material and the grinding medium produce more intense collision, friction and shear effect between each other. To accelerate the grinding of fine particles and disperse the aggregate purpose. After grinding and dispersing the material, the grinding medium is separated by a dynamic separator and discharged from the discharge pipe. Horizontal sander is especially suitable for dispersion grinding products with high viscosity and fine particle size.

The nano sand mill is mounted on a simple machine frame and ensures energy transfer through a V-shaped belt. High precision separation gap with self-cleaning function, suitable for particle size 0.4~2mm grinding media; The double-end mechanical seal is used as the pressure impedance device for horizontal nanomaterial mill. Conical grinding chamber clearance agitator, processing area volume is small, can reduce product cross contamination, easy to replace products; Rotor and stator double cooling; Grinding chamber adopts high wear-resisting material; The mechanical piston with pressure as power is used to change the volume of the grinding chamber, so as to adjust the quality of the product; The control panel is embedded in the machine frame, and all the control keys are on it; White products do not turn gray. The system has good sealing, low wear, good heat dissipation and high production capacity. The cone design of the grinding chamber, so that the grinding bead at the feeding end of the impact is strong, the material into the grinding chamber to a large degree of grinding, so as to obtain a stable, fine grinding effect.