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Notes for operation of grinding mill

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Notes for operation of grinding mill

Vertical grinding machine

 For a long time to stop, before the boot should first check whether the dispersion disk is stuck by the medium. If the coupling does not move, you can pump into the solvent. Start after dissolving. Do not forcibly start to avoid damage to the friction plate.

if there is, the solvent should be used to clean, so as not to block the screen and lead to roof fall.

 Once there is a "top". Should stop immediately to clean the screen, place the slurry basin, adjust the slurry pump speed, restart. Otherwise, the paint may invade the spindle bearing and lead to bearing wear, or damage the slurry pump.

Do not start when there is no paint and grinding medium in the cylinder.

When cleaning the cylinder with solvent, the disperser can only be turned slightly and intermittently, so as not to wear the parts.

The use of new sand, should be screened to remove foreign impurities. The sand used by the sander should be cleaned and screened regularly and new sand should be added.

The observation window should be kept in good condition to prevent injury accidents caused by sand avalanche in the work of the sand mill.

New development trend of Sanding machine factory:

(1) Progress of grinding medium separation system With the continuous improvement of product fineness requirements, the size of the grinding medium used is getting smaller and smaller. The separation of small size grinding medium is one of the difficult problems in the development of sand mill.

Traditional sander used gap ring (small flow area) and static screen is difficult to separate small size medium separation. So more and more dynamic centrifugal separation systems are used. The centrifugal force generated by the separation rotor drives the medium to rotate makes the medium thrown to the outside of the rotor around, and the center of the rotor is mainly slurry, and the separation screen is arranged in the center of the rotor, the material will be able to flow smoothly through the screen gap, without blockage and wear. Therefore, the principle of dry air classification used in the sand mill medium separation is a technical leap in the development history of the sand mill!

(2) Courtyard high energy density pin rod type sander

In the past period of time, several major sand mill manufacturers at home and abroad one-sided view; To improve the fineness of the product (reduce the particle size), the energy density of the sander must be increased! As a result, there are a lot of complex pin rod sand mills.

A: The sander DCP structure -1 has a lot of hard alloy pin rods densely arranged on the rotor and stator. The materials enter from the upper part and exit from the bottom of the crooked/N-shaped buildings. Dielectric wear of the pin rod, rotor and stator is serious, and the material is often contaminated by metal. And only the expensive zirconia grinding medium can be used.

B: DCP structure-2 and structure-1 of the sand mill are basically the same, but in order to solve the problem of heat dissipation, a cooling jacket is set on the rotor.

C: The LMZ of the sander only arranges the pin rod on the rotor, and arranges the cooling jacket on the stator and half of the rotor. Pin rod for opposite stator inner surface wear is very serious, metal contamination material is inevitable!

(3) Horizontal centrifugal sanding machine deep high energy density outer ring grinding area

After years of misguided and artificially complicated sander designs, people are finally returning to their original nature! It was found that the real grinding of the material only appeared in the grinding area with a certain energy density, while the low energy area only heated (played noisingly). The high energy density region can only appear in the outer ring region with high online velocity.

A: R-sander feeds radial from the outer stator, and the material passing through the outer ring grinding area is discharged axially from the side through the dynamic medium separation screen.

B: The material of ZR-sander enters the rotor through the hollow shaft side and reaches the outer ring grinding area. The drum (stator) of the equipment rotates at different speeds with the inner rotor. The medium separation screen (fixed on the drum) becomes a real rotating dynamic separator. The complex double-rotor structure requires high coaxiality error of each rotating body.

C: SC-sander materials are added from the axial center to the outer ring grinding area, and the ground materials are discharged through the outer ring screen ring. The grinding track is the ceramic separation ring. Although the filtration area is increased, the separation ring is badly worn and easily blocked.