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The relationship between paint and ink industry development and grinding machine

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The relationship between paint and ink industry development and grinding machine

Paint industry, ink industry is still facing a severe economic environment and high raw material costs. That has led to a sharp drop in orders for equipment such as horizontal sanders and high-speed beaters, which have generally declined or been delayed until the economic environment improves. The outlook is not all doom and gloom, however, as some companies are increasing their spending on research and development to take advantage of the upturn in the macro economy. Many ink companies with the development of environmentally friendly ink new products, the horizontal sand mill and high-speed beater demand is also slowly emerging. In many cases, with the progress of technology, the problem of industry development has become very interdependent. In the development and scientific research of the sand mill, the production of more efficient grinding products, but also from the side to promote the development of the ink industry, especially environmental protection ink, compound ink benefit optimization. Industries complement each other and are inseparable. Horizontal sanding machine is a fully enclosed continuous operation wet grinding and dispersing machine. Liquid raw materials are pumped into the horizontal sanding confidential closed grinding cylinder, and then the main engine drives the muon grinding ball to operate at high speed, so that the raw materials are subjected to high speed rotary impact in the narrow gap between the grinding balls to produce mixing, emulsifying, dispersing, rubbing, rolling and other grinding functions. The material particles are quickly ground and dispersed together to achieve the required fineness of raw materials and a very narrow range of particle size distribution. After grinding, the high-speed rotating hard tungsten steel separation slot is output out of the grinding cylinder, while the grinding bead remains inside the cylinder. Horizontal grinding mill is one cycle grinding operation, continuous cycle grinding fineness can be less than 5μm. Horizontal sander at the beginning of the development has taken into account the possibility of color change and small dead Angle, so it is easy to clean, special bead valve, can leak beads without disassembling the machine cleaning. After the horizontal sander starts, it is necessary to pay attention to its working state at any time, observe whether the pressure gauge and thermometer work, and pay attention to adjusting the pump speed. If abnormal sound is found, stop the machine immediately; When the pressure gauge pointer to 1kg/ cm 2 or thermometer pointer to the temperature upper limit (60℃ in summer, 50℃ in other seasons). If the pressure gauge or thermometer does not work (automatic stop), it should be shut down immediately. When the cleaning fluid of the 30 vertical horizontal sander does not spray out in the glass cover, it must be shut down immediately; It is strictly prohibited to continue to turn on the machine under this condition; In case of the above situation, the machine should be immediately notified to check, adjust, until the machine repair workshop sent inspection, other personnel shall not dismantle the machine without authorization, so as to avoid greater unnecessary losses.