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The working principle and dispersing effect of horizontal grinding mill

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The working principle and dispersing effect of horizontal grinding mill

Horizontal sander is a horizontal wet continuous production of ultrafine particle dispersing machine, its operation is simple, high grinding efficiency.

The operation method is the material to be ground and the grinding medium (the diameter of the medium is 3/32 "~3/32", usually the type of grinding medium is: Ferric alloy, glass, ceramic, zirconia, pure zirconium, etc.) are put into the static grinding cylinder with a jacket. Through the high-speed action of stirring arm and dispersing blade, the grinding medium is given enough kinetic energy, and the shear force and impact force are applied to the material with the help of the high-speed moving medium, so as to obtain the best dispersion and grinding effect.

Specially designed double speed starting torque motor, no coupling required. Use low speed when feeding and unloading, and high speed when grinding.

Special separation device, will be dispersed and grinding medium separation discharge, do not need a high degree of operation skills like the three-roll machine can be balanced and excellent quality, can achieve mass continuous production, greatly improve the quality, and greatly reduce the cost.

Sand mill is a horizontal wet continuous production of ultrafine particle dispersion machine. The pre-stirred raw materials are sent to the grinding tank of the main engine, and the grinding tank is filled with an appropriate amount of grinding media. For example, glass beads are rotated at a high speed through the dispersing blade to give the grinding media enough kinetic energy to impact with the dispersed particles to produce shear force, so as to achieve the dispersing effect. Then, the dispersing materials and grinding media are separated and discharged through a special separation device. Because it does not need to be as high as the three drum operation skills, you can get uniform and excellent quality, and can be a large number of continuous production, so it can improve the quality and reduce the cost, but also suitable for the dispersion of high viscosity substances, so it can be applied to paint, ink, medicine, food, cosmetics, pesticides and other industries.