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Several common mixing methods of disperser

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Several common mixing methods of disperser


1. Push stirring

Propulsion agitators are composed of three blades in a spiral shape. Like the propulsion propellers on ships, they are usually used for materials that require intense stirring and have low viscosity due to chemical reactions. It is suitable for the reaction system of milky liquid or suspension with a small amount of solid. Its rotation speed is usually 300-600r/min.

2. Paddle type stirring

The paddle mixer is a simple type of stirring. Simple manufacture, low stirring power consumption. It is usually divided into flat blade impeller type agitation (also called "one" type agitation) and folded blade impeller type agitation. It is suitable for the reaction system of two kinds of low viscosity liquid. Its speed is usually 20-80R /min (often used in low-speed mixing, paint mixing and other occasions, the speed is fixed speed).

3. Turbine type agitation

Turbine agitator is a suitable agitator for the reaction system which needs very intense agitation. Turbine agitators can be divided into turbine agitators, such as straight blade type, curved blade type, folded blade type, disc type straight blade type and disc curved blade type. Turbine agitator is usually used for mixing liquids with large viscosity or relative density differences, suspensions with high concentration of solid particles and reaction systems where gas needs to be fully dispersed in the liquid. Its rotation speed is usually 200-1000r/min. (Often used in situations where high speed dispersion and depolymerization are needed)

4. Frame or anchor agitation

Frame agitation and anchor agitation belong to the same type of agitation, the main difference between them is that the shape is a little different. When applied to suspension, the relative density difference between solid and liquid should not be too large. Its speed is usually 15-60r /min (this type of agitator is generally used for occasions of relatively large viscosity, such as similar paste materials, there is no much liquidity, and the power requirements of the dispersing machine is high, because the low speed and high viscosity materials need a large enough torque motor to ensure that the current is not excessive, to ensure that the motor will not be burnt out due to the torque is too small, motor power is not enough).