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Note on the use of grinding media in grinding mill

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Note on the use of grinding media in grinding mill

Sanding machine is a kind of high-efficiency, multi-purpose chemical production equipment, in the paint, paint, cosmetics, food, daily chemical, ink, medicine, photographic film and other industrial fields play an important role.

The sander mainly realizes the dispersion and grinding process of the material through the extrusion and friction between the grinding medium and the material. Therefore, the grinding medium can have a great impact on the working efficiency of the sander. Therefore, the owner should pay more attention when using the grinding medium.

First of all, when choosing the grinding medium for the sander, the owner needs to decide which grinding medium to choose according to the viscosity of the material. Usually, if the viscosity of the material is high, zirconia beads are selected as the grinding medium; If the viscosity of the material is low, the owner usually chooses glass beads as the grinding medium.

Secondly, the owner chooses the grinding medium according to the particle size of the submerged material and the fineness required by the product, so as to choose the suitable size of the grinding medium.

When the grinding medium is used in the sander, the operator should check the separator or screen aperture of the sander to determine whether the setting is appropriate. In general, the appropriate gap should be one third of the diameter of the bead.

In the process of using the sander, it should be avoided as far as possible to open in the dry state. Because the dry grinding will cause high speed friction between the grinding medium and the accessories of the sander, causing unnecessary loss.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that the grinding medium of the sander can not be mixed with different brands and the mixed use of different sizes of grinding beads, which is easy to cause the inconsistency of the density, particle size and other factors between the grinding media, resulting in the crushing of the grinding beads and the wear of the equipment.

After long-term development, Topa engineers have mastered the technical performance requirements of the sand mill, can provide owners with a variety of specifications of the sand mill, as well as a comprehensive sand mill non-standard design services.