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In order to service users better and to improve the application level of our users to acknowledge the machine of TOPAZ, We provide free grinding technology consulting, free professional training for the company's various products in Topaz laboratory center in Shanghai. Hereby, we warmly welcome our users to make an appointment to attend and visit our laboratory.

Functions and features of horizontal grinding mill

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Functions and features of horizontal grinding mill

Precision double-end mechanical seal, supplemented by special devices for pressure and cooling, with high sealing reliability, cooling and lubrication of mechanical seal with chemical liquid soluble with materials, to ensure the long-term use of equipment safety. Tungsten carbide composite material discharging mode, grinding medium distribution uniform, low working pressure, small temperature rise, especially suitable for heat sensitive materials grinding dispersion production. Sufficient and effective cooling can ensure the suitable temperature of material grinding and dispersing. According to user requirements, the material of the disperser can be configured: wear-resistant steel, tungsten carbide, ceramics, special plastics, etc.