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Anti-freezing method for the grinding mill

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Anti-freezing method for the grinding mill

1. Add thermal insulation material for the cooling water pipes of the grinding mill installed outdoors or indoor. Close the doors and Windows if possible.
       2. If the equipment is shut down for more than 4 hours, the remaining liquid and cooling water in the equipment should be emptied, such as the grinding chamber, the cooling water distributor, the pipeline and the pump body, so as to prevent the volume expansion of the liquid after freezing and the damage of the cavity and the pump body by freezing crack after the shutdown.
      3. If ice is found in the above parts, such as the grinding chamber, water distributor, pipeline and pump, do not start the equipment immediately. Use hot water to heat the ice before starting the equipment.
      4. please drain the airway and connector of the air pump regularly to prevent water icing and blockage in the compressed air.