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The application scope of high-speed disperser

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The application scope of high-speed disperser

High-speed disperser is suitable for coating, dye, ink, pigment, cosmetics, resin, adhesive, emulsion, medicine, petroleum, and other fields of liquid and liquid - powder phase materials for high speed mixing, dissolution and dispersion, speed can be adjusted (0-1250 RPM). High-speed disperser adopts stepless speed regulation: electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency control (such as used for water-based paint) and explosion-proof frequency control (such as used for oily paint) and other forms. The stepless speed regulation function can fully meet the different process requirements in each process, and different speed can be selected according to different process stages. The powder without additives, the integrity of the crystal package is not suitable for the material. The serrated circular dispersion disc of the high speed dispersion machine completes the process of solid-liquid dispersion, wetting, depolymerization and stabilization in the container. The grout presents a rolling ring flow, generating a strong vortex, and the particles on the surface of the grout spiral down to the bottom of the vortex. The turbulent zone is formed at the edge of the dispersive disk 2.5-5mm, and the slurry and particles are subjected to strong shear and impact. The upper and lower beams are formed outside the area, and the slurry is fully circulated and turned. The dispersing plate of the dispersing machine is in laminar flow state, and the slurry layers of different flow rates are diffused with each other to play a dispersing role. High speed dispersing machine has hydraulic lifting, 360 degree rotation, stepless speed regulation and other functions. Can be configured at the same time 2-4 containers, hydraulic lifting stroke 1000mm, 360 degree rotation function can better meet the multi-purpose of a machine, can be in a very short time from a cylinder to another cylinder for operation, greatly improve the work efficiency, but also reduce the intensity of labor. The production of multiple specifications of single-axis, dual-axis high-speed dispersion machine, lifting system hydraulic cylinder using professional design, safe and reliable, completely solve the cylinder oil leakage caused by the trouble.